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About Us

Company specializing in the distribution of industrial detergents and disinfectants high quality industrial, ecological, biodegradable and certified in accordance with applicable standards and catering disposable products. Industrial detergents, detergents for food, detergent automotive (interior and exterior.

Our suppliers are direct manufacturers and distributors of leading multinational companies are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Products shows a very good value for money. Detergents are packaged in cans that support reduced consumption, solutions can be diluted as required. Our company comply with EU rules on packaging and transport of hygiene.

Distribute a total of over 250 products for hygiene of which over 150 are dispensers and consumables, paper, 50 products are detergents and liquid soaps and cleaning materials remaining.

Storage products is packed in hygienic conditions and cleanliness, detergents are stored at temperatures specified by the manufacturer, Free transport is provided and orders are handled by a specialized department. We are in permanent contact with our customers through sales agents who provide information about products, inventory, delivery, service equipment, advice on cost optimization.


We are a dynamic team consisting of people with relevant experience in this field and measure logistics. As we extinsii coverage in the south, specifically Teleorman, Giurgiu, Bucharest and surrounding areas. We are in constant expansion and development.